SolTat – Wear the Sun

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Imagine you are tanning at the beach, playing football with friends, tailgating for a college event, or even biking your favorite path. After having a great time outdoors, SolTat can help you can turn your tan exposure into much more than just a sunburn. SolTat is a fun way to express yourself with natural tan tattoos and remember outdoor activities with friends and family. SolTat is a foam body decal that comes in a variety of different designs. It has a hypoallergenic, waterproof adhesive backing that easily adheres to your skin. All one has to do is place the SolTat on his/her body and enjoy a favorite outdoor activity. After being out in the sun and receiving safe sun exposure, the user can then remove the SolTat and find a highly decorative, non-permanent design on his/her skin. This “natural tan-tattoo” lasts just as long as an ordinary tan and allows personal expression, as well as a way to cherish experiences hanging with friends and family.

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