Somnova Smart Sleeping Mat

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Say no to snoring and head for a peaceful sleep every night with the Somnova Smart Sleeping Mat. This non-invasive mat will make sure to switch your sleeping position and stop you from snoring in a silent way. It will also give you a relaxing acupoint massage for inducing a better sleep. As compared to other wearable anti-snoring solution like sleep masks or nose strips, this more convenient and comfortable. Whenever snoring is detected, the sleeping mat will move your body on its side and relieve you from snoring at the same time. The kit consists of an inflatable mat and a control case. You need to place the inflatable mat under your bedsheet. As soon as the system detects the snoring noise, it will inflate the mat in a way such that your sleeping position gets changed to make the snoring noise die out. The entire operation takes place in absolute silence (as low as 35 dB) to ensure that your sleep is not affected by any chance. Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, this smart sleeping mat is an ergonomic and super comfortable solution for a perfect, noise-free sleep!

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