Sonos Playbase Wireless Soundbase Speaker

$699 USD
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Reorganize your entertainment unit with the all-new Sonos Playbase Wireless Soundbase Speaker. Unlike other audio systems, this one is designed to actually support the full weight of your TV on top. With this well-thought construction, the Sonos Playbase goes in its ideal spot: right below the screen. This allows the sound to disperse throughout the room in all directions for everyone watching. Coming in black or white, the Sonos Playbase has an intuitive design to fit in with the rest of your media systems. Of course, with this revolutionary design comes innovation. Inside is a horizontal subwoofer complete with an S-shaped vent. Even the front holes on the speaker are tailored to suit the design as well as the high-quality audio. Looking like it’s carved from a piece of stone, the Sonos Playbase puts your audio front and center.

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