Logitech MX Sound Motion Activated Speakers

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Complete your desktop setup with the Logitech MX Sound Motion Activated Speakers. Offering premium audio quality, this pair of speakers is sleek and futuristic. The disc-like design has a speaker for either side of your display. Or, you can switch between the two as you need. On the front of the R speaker, the one on the right, are built-in touch controls. You can adjust the volume, connect via Bluetooth, and switch tracks. Impressively, you can pause on one and play on the other. In addition to these modern touch controls, the MX Sound Speakers also have gesture control. With motion activation, you can just wave your hand in front to light up the on-board controls. In addition, you can use another gesture to switch tracks. In addition to visually integrating with your desktop, this control makes the entire process seamless.

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