SoundNova – A Futuristic Interactive Chair

$241 USD
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SoundNova is a new level of virtual entertainment. It is a unique chair; that consists of 8 vibrating points, which can be controlled by the corresponding mobile app. Imagine the richness of sounds and vibrations, all the blasts, and explosions, the sound of the wind, the speed of racing cars, the dynamics of sword fights –  you can now experience all of that in real time with SoundNova. The System consists of two parts – the Application and the Real-Time Multi-vibration Controller. The SoundNova system is based on multi-platform frameworks and their algorithms that are adjusted to your preferred settings. There is no need for any additional support from game developers! It needs your personal adjustments only – the application allows the user to create different, more personalized presets for games and various music genres. Just like the stereo sound in headphones, the sounds and vibes surround you through two channels, while watching movies, playing games and listening to music. You will get to feel exactly what you hear!

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