Space Invaders Macbook Decal

$10 USD
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The Space Invaders Macbook Decal from airShopp puts a bunch of colorful alien characters on your MacBook. You can help them invade your precious MacBook and completely surround the Apple logo with a cutthroat gang of Pac-Man type ghostly aliens. These are not your wimpy X-files aliens that can be defeated by water or the sun’s heat. They’re waterproof and greaseproof and scratch resistant too. In fact, these decals are very much impervious to the elements and will stay just as new for 3-5 years even if you spend a lot of time in the outdoors. When it’s finally time for the Space Invaders to go back home, you can easily remove them, leaving no trace or evidence that aliens once invaded this MacBook and made it their home for years.

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