SpaceVR – Your Ticket to Space

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We’re a small group with a big mission: making it possible for everyone to explore space using the power of virtual reality. Here at SpaceVR we’re a collective of astronauts, NASA scientists, space engineers and hackers who believe that everyone should be able to explore the universe. We’ve all dreamed of the stars, imagined being able to float through the space station, wanted to experience a space walk and explore the Moon and Mars. At SpaceVR, we want to make that possible. We’re sending a virtual reality camera to the Cupola module, the observation deck of the International Space Station (ISS) to capture immersive 3D video – giving you the chance to have the same experience the astronauts get in real life. Our camera, the Overview One, will be assembled on the ISS. We’re developing space-ready cameras, fans and the PCB boards to send up and are using a 3D printer on board to make the camera chassis and stand, ensuring we can get the VR camera running as quickly, cheaply and efficiently as possible.

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