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Speakeasy Briefs – Underwear With A Secret Stash Pocket

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What are Speakeasy Briefs? Speakeasys are an innovative combination of fashion and function. They offer a style that says, “you should see me in my underwear,” while providing a pocket that says, “it’s none of your business what’s in my underwear.” My mind is blown! What Would I use this pocket for? We aren’t here to tell you how to live, that’s not our style. We just want to make sure no one else is telling you how to live either. The Speakeasy pocket is ideal for carrying items that you don’t want other people to take from you. Common examples include: your passport, wallet, keys, cell phone, and flask. But won’t buying these briefs create a whole new set of problems, in that I will become so cool and attractive that I will have to beat the ladies off with a stick? Yes, but don’t hit girls with sticks. Ever. For real.

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