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Sediment Capturing Wine Glasses

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Enjoy every last sip of your favorite vino with the premium, hand-crafted Spirale Sediment Capturing Wine Glasses by Vacanti Wine Glasses. This innovative wine glass enhances the flavor of your wine. At the bottom of the bowl is a patented 1-inch spiral. As you pour, the wine’s natural sediments gather in the spiral. When you drink your wine, the sediment stays in place so every last sip is as smooth as the first. You no longer have to worry about the bitter and unsavory taste of wine sediment. Of course, to accompany the beautiful flavor is an equally elegant, hand-blown design that completes the look of any dinner party. The glasses are also durable enough for your everyday use. They’re even dishwasher safe. The Spirale Wine Glasses are suitable for red and white wines.

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