Nanoleaf Square Color-Changing Light Panels

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Enjoy a light show in your own home with the Nanoleaf Square Color-Changing Light Panels. These touch sensitive light panels enable you to adjust the brightness and turn the lights on and off using just your hand. Additionally, you can change their color by merely tapping them. Furthermore, the base station features an embedded music sync microphone. It even comes with a motion sensor so the panels can light up if you walk by. In addition, you can use third-party apps to create simulations on the panels, such as a thunderstorm or burning fireplace. The Nanoleaf square panels also allow you to connect up to one thousand panels to a single base station. However, you will have to add extra power boosters for every sixty panels to achieve optimal brightness. The Nanoleaf Square Color-Changing Light Panels will come out during spring 2018.

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