KEEGO Squeezable Metal Water Bottle

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Enjoy the benefits of a metal bottle with the KEEGO Squeezable Metal Water Bottle. Featuring a squeezable design, the KEEGO water bottle is ideal for sports such as running, biking and more. Made from 99.8% true titanium, KEEGO keeps your drink fresh. Likewise, the titanium prevents contamination from softeners and plasticizers, making your drink healthier. KEEGO is easy to clean and extremely durable thanks to its high-end materials. In fact, it has the durability of a metal bottle but the weight of a plastic one. Weighing just 140 grams, you can easily carry KEEGO without distraction. With its ergonomic shape and accurate water stream, you can effortlessly drink from KEEGO with one hand. Its high flow rate and ability to squeeze also makes its possible to drink without mouth contact.

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