SS001 Ballpoint Pen & Stylus

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SS001 is the genesis of a new line of modern ballpoint pen and is the first in the SS Collection of pens. The aim with this pen was to deliver a high quality pocket sized pen which has been achieved by combining ergonomic design with modern aesthetics. Most pens on the market are over-priced and do not offer value for money. SS001 bridges the gap between cost, style and function. This was a motivating factor for me to pursue the SS001 and launch it on Kickstarter. There are a variety of pens on the market, however; few combine the functional classic nature of the pen with the modern needs of a stylus – the SS001 caters for this modern need through an optional component. SS001 has been designed to appeal to both the modern professional who requires a statement pen and the casual user who requires a pocket sized pen/stylus. The pen has been designed to combine ergonomic functionality with sleek design. The product name is simple, my name is Scott Savage, and that’s where the “SS” comes from, the “001” simply reflects that this is the first product released.

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