Soundots Stacking Hive Speakers by Sound Dimension

$290 USD
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Create the perfect sound setup and endlessly reconfigure your audio experience with the Soundots Stacking Hive Speakers by Sound Dimension. These innovative speakers stack on top of one another like building blocks. In this position, they connect via a port on the side of each speaker. This allows the Soundots to harmonize and understand how best to split their duties. As a result, you get to enjoy bigger, better sound. Technically speaking, you could stack up to 65,000 of these speakers together. However, three should be enough to get the party started. You can stream your favorite tracks to the Soundots via Bluetooth, or just plug in a regular auxiliary cable. If you’re on the move, you can take just one of these speakers and still enjoy crystal-clear sound. Furthermore, you can tweak the sound via the companion smartphone app.

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