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P-Mate Standing Pee Device

$5.95 USD
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Ladies – there is finally a solution to going while you’re on the go. Introducing P-Mate, the Standing Pee Device. This nifty must-have gives you the ability to remain standing while relieving yourself. When it’s time for number 1, you can simply unzip, place P-Mate, and go. You use it by holding it in place between your legs and tilting your hips forward. As you begin to go, the P-Mate uses the built-in funnel to ensure it only lands on the ground without any leaks or drips. It works whether you’re in jeans, shorts, a skirt, or a dress. In addition to this exceptional convenience, the P-Mate is highly practical. It folds into a slim shape so you can stash it in your bag or pocket. Additionally, this disposable device is also biodegradable.

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