Stayjax Stealth Seat Mat for Your Dog

$85 USD
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Keep your dog happy and your car clean at the same time with the Stayjax Stealth Seat Mat for your dog. Covering your entire back seat, the Stayjax Stealth Mat is made of closed-cell PVC meaning it’s durable enough for a dog but soft enough for his paws. The bumpy surface has a gripping texture so your dog can stabalize himself during the drive. Handmade in LA, the mat features double stitched faux leather cut outs for seatbelts, allowing the mat to be flush against the back of the seat for further protection from water and dirt. Additionally, you can use your access to the seatbelts for any harness you may have. Cleaning the Stayjax Stealth Mat requires just a simple wipe down with a damp cloth. Setting up the mat takes under a minute and can be conveniently rolled up to become portable.

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