The STK Multi-Tool – Sliding Tool & Knife for Every Day Carry

$80 USD
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The STK Multi-Tool is a feature-packed multi-tool ready for anything. The frame is made from a solid 3/16 inch, 6AL4V titanium plate. The design incorporates a unique, integrated opening and locking mechanism. It allows you to safely open the tool and lock it into place until you are ready to close it by just depressing the lock bar; then, two ceramic ball-detents keep it securely closed and allow smooth operation. The 3/16 inch thick blade is made of one of the highest grades of blade steel possible; S35VN is often referred to as “super steel” for its strength, toughness, sharpen-ability, and edge-holding. As for the hardware, they have chosen titanium! Months of prototype testing, end-user feedback, and design iteration went into each STK feature before finalizing the complete design that you see now.

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