Stridalyzer Performance Smart Insoles

$159 USD
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These sensor-packed insoles tell you exactly what’s going on with your runs – while you run or even after you run. They improve the sensitivity and accuracy of the sensors and algorithms to bring you even more accurate monitoring and analysis, along with the guidance. You can easily carry your phone and get Real-Time tracking, stress-maps, alerts, etc as you run! Or, leave your phone behind, sync your data after your run and review your running form and performance afterwards! That way you’ll be able to avoid injuries without losing track of any essential data. It’s a perfect pair of insoles to help you improve your form and performance. Stridalyzer PERFORMANCE insoles sync data with Stridalyzer App using BlueTooth LE. Stridalyzer app is available on iOS and Android. The product comes with 1 pair insoles and a dual-ended charging cable. The app will come with 1-year analytics & cloud storage. Get the guidance you need to RUN BETTER!

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