Sure Hang (The Laser Level … REIMAGINED!)

$75 USD
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We all know how frustrating laying out, positioning and hanging anything on the wall can be! Making the correct marks, achieving proper spacing and ending with a project that is “level” in the end is a challenge. Sure Hang® has the solution! Featuring four way self leveling lasers, what’s most unique about Sure Hang® is their base featuring magnetized notches you hook your tape measure into. Once the Sure Hang® Base is affixed to the wall (at a known point in your layout or at the center of your project), and their laser level is attached to the base, you simply hook your tape measure into the base to make layout marks along any of the (4) self leveled laser lines. When you combine Sure Hang®’s Base with Sure Hang®’s Laser Level, laying out any size project becomes ridiculously simple and remarkably accurate!

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