SurfacePage Document Editing Tablet

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Introducing the SurfacePage Document Editing Tablet. The first of its kind, it helps you cut paper waste while expediting your workflow. You can create, fill, and edit documents as you need. Totally wireless, you can go through multiple documents on a single tablet with full editing ability. In addition, the SurfacePage works flawlessly with the GreenBox. This revolutionary device instantly transfers documents from your computer onto the SurfacePage. With this, you get instant and full access to everything you need without having to print a single page. Additionally, you can upload the information from the SurfacePage with the GreenBox or via Wi-Fi connection. To retain your privacy, the GreenBox also allows you to clear any work history with a touch of a button. The SurfacePage and GreenBox streamline your workflow while helping keep your office eco-friendly.

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