Suzy Snooze – A Good Night’s Sleep For Everyone

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Suzy Snooze is an innovative sleep companion for the whole family that has been designed to help babies, children and adults get a good night’s sleep. Created after proper consultation from sleep scientists and hundreds of parents, Suzy Snooze can be considered as a perfect bedtime gadget for your home. It is beautifully designed, intelligent, customizable and connected. And most importantly, Suzy evolves with your child through their early years – from being a baby monitor to a lullaby nightlight, to a toddler sleep trainer. The purpose was to create a gadget that develops healthy sleeping habits for your child so that you can get a good night’s sleep too. Suzy’s Sleep Sequence teaches your child to get to sleep on their own with soothing sound and light arrangements designed by our experts to induce sleepy feelings at bedtime. Suzy’s coloured light emulates view of a sunset and creates feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. A perfect accessory for your kid’s bedside table!

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