Swimbot – Better On Technique When Swimming!

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Instantly correct your swimming technique and start mastering your strokes with Swimbot. Built as one of the first device to help swimmers master their sport, the Swimbot corrects your stroke instantaneously with sophisticated sounds. The device also includes 3D tutorials which teach you the perfect swimming technique. Swimbot has already been tested and backed by Olympic Champions, World Master Champion and professional triathletes who consider this device as a breakthrough concept in swimming training. In order to use it well, you need to follow 3 simple steps. At first, visualize our 3D tutorials and assimilate as well as retain the ideal stroke patterns. Then through your workout time, slip your Swimbot under your swim cap which will then use bone conduction technology, thus letting the earphones offer you comfort and high-quality sound. It analyzes each and every move you make and provides you with instant feedback via sophisticated sounds. After your workout is done, synchronize Swimbot with your Smartphone via Bluetooth, and share your progress with your friends! Swimming with perfection every day now becomes easier.

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