T-BONE 3 in 1 Car Charger + Power Bank + LED Torch Flashlight

$34 USD
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The T-BONE is an All in Car Charger is great for travelers or anyone who spends time in the car. The T-BONE is a 3 in 1 Car Charger with 2 USB PORTS + high capacity rechargeable Power Bank + LED Torch Flashlight. Easily rechargeable, the T-BONE provides you with 2 USB Ports so you can charge 2 devices simultaneously such as a phone and tablet, and re-charges in your car so you don’t have to plug it in. The T-BONE’s high capacity 2600 mAh Rechargeable Battery allows you to have power on the go when you need it. Don’t worry about always having to plug it into a wall outlet to charge because it charges while in your car. The T-BONE fits any cigarette lighter or 12V socket. 2 quick taps of the power button turns on an LED Torch Flashlight, and LED power indicator lights let you know how much power you have left in the battery. Includes matching end cap to take on the go to use anywhere to power all of your devices. Provides up to a 150% charge for your phone.

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