TaylorSense Guitar Health Monitoring System

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Get to know the vital health signs of your Taylor guitar with the help of the TaylorSense Guitar Health Monitoring System. It monitors the humidity, battery life, temperature and impact of your Taylor guitar and alerts you whenever your guitar needs care. The alert is sent via Bluetooth between a smart battery box and the corresponding Taylor Guitars App on your iOS mobile device. TaylorSense has also been calibrated to send you timely alerts as well as include easy-to-follow videos you can use to solve problems whenever you come across them. Your TaylorSense battery box even features a digital hygrometer that monitors the humidity level of your Taylor guitar. If the levels are too low or high for an extended time, you’ll receive a humidity alert and a link to on how to remedy your guitar’s condition. The same goes for heat waves and cold spells as well as for battery life and impact. Knowing your Taylor Guitar’s health is just one TaylorSense away.

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