Telepathy Walker – Eyewear for Discoveries while Walking

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The world around you is full of wonders. So much so that we need a device and applications that under no matter what condition, anyone can get around safely and see things they’ve never noticed before. That is why we built Telepathy Walker, the world’s first eyewear for entertaining and smart walk. With voice commands enabled, Walker provides totally handsfree walking experiences. You can even have a VoIP call on Walker’s chat application at the same time. Walker’s navigation and local discovery application also adopts augmented reality and highly intuitive user interface so that anyone, even the directionally challenged, never have trouble using while walking; all you have to do is tell Walker what you are up to and follow an augmented-reality pointer. Walker’s potential applications include, but not limited to location-based AR gaming, vision sharing, and simultaneous translation for international travel so that you can explore this beautiful world in ways you’ve never experienced before. Walker’s sunlight-proof display makes it a must-have tool for your sunny day walks.

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