Tesseract – The Immersive 6-Axis Computer Mouse and Controller

$115 USD
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Go beyond the two dimensions of the traditional mouse with Tesseract, the immersive 6-axis computer mouse and controller. With revolutionary design and engineering, this controller gives you instant advantage whether you’re crushing the competition or an essay. Tesseract works with any PC with Windows and has movement through six axes for total, all over control. Easy to use and even easier to set up, Tesseract is wireless, connecting to a hob that plugs into your computer. Configure this incredible mouse with your choice of key presses, joystick movements, and mouse directions. It has amazing sensitivity and efficiency so you always have precise control. The design of Tesseract is intuitive and so are the movement. Sitting on top of a non-slip base, the movements you make are exactly emulated on the screen. Get total control with Tesseract, the 6-axis mouse and controller.

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