The Bowley Lock

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The Bowley Lock is the first affordable ultra high security residential dead bolt. It combines technology from ancient mid-evil locks and combines it with the pin tumbler technology of today into an ultra high security lock of the future. The team has incorporated features of the middle ages and designed a lock which is more secure and yet ethnic. The advent of malleable metal that could be formed into any shape ultimately ruined the security of these locks and gave way to a new form of locks generally known as permutation locks. The pin tumbler lock was the most convenient example of this new lock strategy and replaced the warded lock in the early 1900’s as the primary form of residential security and has remained virtually unchanged for over a century. The idea of the Bowley Lock is to shield the pins from the types of tools that manipulate the pins and by come back to the idea of a convoluted shape key and warded key hole. Welcome to the age of secure door locks without compromising the vintage charm whatsoever!

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