The Egg | A Personal Web & Storage Device without the Cloud

$150 USD
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The Egg is the industry’s first handheld ‘personal web’ device that makes space on ALL your devices when you need it most. The Egg lets you conveniently store, share and secure your personal content without using intrusive cloud services. With The Egg you can: STORE : The Egg automatically moves content off your devices and seamlessly extends your phone, camera and other device storage so you’ll never run out of space on them. SHARE : Instantly share HD videos of any length or photos with The Egg, including your personal music collection and movie collection. Take The Egg with you or leave it plugged in at home. SECURE : Use our Egg Apps to have complete control and access of the content on your Egg right from your phone. And… cases of Emergency, the Egg can also be used to “Charge” other mobile devices through its 1800mAh battery and available USB port.

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