The Ride-A-Long: A Pedal Powered Charger

$129 USD
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You love biking. It’s better for your health, reduces your carbon footprint and opens up photo ops you’d never catch driving. We could go on, but let’s just pile a cherry on top biking charges your phone. The Ride-a-long converts leg power into electric power. Now your clean commute generates clean energy for your phone, Go-Pro and any other USB powered device. Installation is a breeze, requiring only your hands as tools. Hoorah for opposable thumbs! As you ride, the spin of your rear wheel engages an integrated generator which charges a detachable battery pack, so you can charge as you roll or take that power-up with you post-ride. Use the Ride-a-long to ensure reliable battery life on those long rides, far from an outlet-endowed office. Make that bike commute work double time for you. The Ride-a-long alleviates battery life worries, adding yet another benefit to the impressive list of biking awesomeness.

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