The Sitara Wireless Remote Follow Focus

$1400 USD
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Embrace Cinema Gear has developed the Sitara, a revolutionary Wireless Remote Follow Focus (WRFF) system poised to become the new standard for remote follow focuses worldwide. It’s fast, intuitive and bursting with features that make older follow focus systems look old school and obsolete. No other WRFF comes close to offering the extensive features and affordability of the Sitara, and we need your support to bring it to market. The Sitara WRFF is Ideal for Filming Needs. A WRFF is critical whenever a camera is in motion and a change in the field of view takes place, necessitating a shift in focus. You’ll find the Sitara WRFF ideal on: Drones, RC Copters or Helicams, Steadicams, Gimbals and other Stabilizers, Jibs and Cranes, Track and Dolly Shots, Sliders, Car Rigs.

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