The Swurfer – The Tree Swing Surfboard

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Reimagine the typical tree swing with the Swurfer, the tree swing surfboard. Designed to hang from a sturdy branch, you stand up on this extra fun swing just like a surfboard. Holding onto the handles on each end, you can swing front to back and even side to side and catch every wave. Made from 100% real hard rock maple wood, the Swurfer is strong enough for anyone up to 250 pounds. The handles are adjustable along the strong rope to account for any and every height. The Swurfer kit also comes with 80 feet of high strength, double braided UV and mold resistant rope – enough to hang from a branch 20 feet high. Combining the power generated by you and the agility of the swing, the Swurfer will take you to a whole new level!

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