The X-Ray Series iPhone Skin

$15 USD
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Here, Design Skinz took an actual X-ray of the iPhones and turned it into a removable, high-quality vinyl skin for each version. Stepping back to the drawing board, a strong focus point on creating a device like the iPhone is keeping it as thin as possible. Well, we must admit that they do a pretty darn good job. But what do we do after getting the new device? We go find protection that ends up hiding the beautiful design of the phone and we keep the new, bulky case on 24/7. With the skin, you don’t sacrifice the experience of how thin the phone needs to be actually is AND you add protection with style. Let’s admit, the X-ray is a cool & classy look. When you’re tired of it, just peel it off and you’re back to where you started. Clean & Simple.


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