VanMoof Smart X Theft-Proof Bike

$898 USD
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Take on any road when you ride the VanMoof Smart X Theft-Proof Bike. Complete with rider recognition, this electric bike only responds to you. All you need to do is keep your phone in your pocket for the bike to disarm itself. If you don’t have your phone, just hold down the bell and press your personal code to disarm the bike. This smart theft defense system detects when someone tampers with your bike, resulting in deafening warning sounds. In fact, the bike makes noises and flashes its lights when someone touches your bike. If someone tries to pick it up, then it sounds an urgent alarm. Moreover, if they decide to ride off with it, then the bike disables its smart parts. It even turns on S.O.S lights and theft tracking as well as reports it as stolen in the app. Finally, the shatterproof LEDs light up automatically for a safe riding experience.

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