Chipolo Card Thin Wallet Tracker

$35 USD
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Gone are the days of misplacing your wallet when you have the Chipolo Card Thin Wallet Tracker. The creators of the sought-after tracking chip are back with more convenience than ever. The Chipolo Card looks, well, like a card. Measuring just 2.15mm thick, about three times the thickness of a credit card. However, this card carries with it a special purpose. Inside is technology to let you know the whereabouts of your wallet. Using the app, you simply tap a button to emit a 95dB alert. Or, you can use the Chipolo Card to find your phone. Even if it’s on silent, your phone will ring so you can find it. In addition to your wallet, the Chipolo Card is slim and small enough to attach to other devices. It works seamlessly with your tablet case, briefcase, or anything else you never want to lose.

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