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Make Better Coffee with Third Wave

Editor's Rating
Discovered on 2017-01-20

Ever wonder why your coffee doesn’t taste the best? It’s because you haven’t used the Third Wave Mineralized Water Packets. This incredible system delivers a constantly enhanced flavour that you can really taste. The Third Wave Water Packets are compact and offer a solution to the poorly filtered water existent in many homes and coffee shops. The packets may be small, but they are mighty. Packed with everything that should be found in water, they bring balance of flavor to your brew. Simply add a single packet to 1 gallon of distilled water. The Third Wave Water Packet adds the perfect balance of minerals. In addition to calcium, it also balances magnesium and sodium. It works whether you’re brewing with a high-tech machine or simply grab a cup from the local barista. Best of all, you can take this packet on the go to get the perfect brew anywhere.

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Overview & Specs
Features :
compact, easy to use, travel friendly
Concentration :
1 packet per gallon of water
Packs :
12 packets each
Discovered on:
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Carl Micheel
Review from Kickstarter
Hello I didn't got any package from TTW. The package is stuck since May 29 in Vienna!
Review from Kickstarter
Got my TWW and love the packaging! I have enough to keep me going for a very long time.
Review from Kickstarter
@Taylor - Thanks for the update, much appreciate, and thanks for all your hard work.
I'm looking forward to some great tasting coffee!
Review from Kickstarter
@Jerry Everything is on track as stated in the campaign: April for US deliveries, May for International deliveries and June for Distribution deliveries. The US deliveries are probably going to be shipped in the next week or 2. Thanks for your support!
Review from Kickstarter
@Taylor - I'd appreciate if you could provide an update on when you are expecting to ship.
Review from Kickstarter
@Taylor - Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate your answering my questions.
Review from Kickstarter
@Taylor - I pledged a lot to this campaign to support you but you haven't responded to any of my messages asking for help so I can decide how best to fill out my survey. Although I understand you must be busy getting ready to fulfill backer rewards that is no way treat the very backers who supported you. I doubt I'll be interested in supporting your next campaign.
Review from Kickstarter
@Taylor Minor - I would appreciate if you would reply to the PM I sent you, thanks
Review from Kickstarter
Congratulations! Can't wait.
Matthew Regnold
Review from Kickstarter
Would love to potentially be able to swap the t-shirt for the print if possible?? Excited to grab some more though!
Review from Kickstarter
Expect to see TWW on the shelves of Mañana Coffee, Juice, and Bakeshop in Austin TX!
Review from Kickstarter
I wish the print was accessible to lower tiers. I love TWW. I've gone with 6 gallons so far of single serve V60 brews and have been loving the consistency and bright acidity it brings out. Can't wait to have more!!
Isaac Hecker
Review from Kickstarter
My wife got me a pre-production sample pack as an early birthday gift. Ive been using TWW for a few days now and have been really enjoying the results I have been getting. TWW really opens up the coffees I am able to use and really lets them shine. I am really excited about the future of TWW and what they are going to do as a company to change the quality of home brewed coffee.
Taylor Minor
Review from Kickstarter
Shelf life is the same as any packet of sugar or salt. The only thing you can't do is store it in places with extreme heat ( over than 150°F).
Mike White
Review from Kickstarter
Congratulations on the funding! Also curious about shelf life.
K. Garcia
Review from Kickstarter
How long is the shelf life of Third Wave Water?
Review from Kickstarter
Tried a preproduction sample. I was very impressed - shocked really, because I thought my coffee was great already, but TWW really smoothed out the defects and helped bring out some great flavors. Really looking forward to the espresso blend since I'm mostly an espresso drinker. I would love a recommendation on either a home distiller or home RO system - hopefully something cheap and small. I always find that the plastic bottles that they use for distilled water give off a taste.
Joshua Viau
Review from Kickstarter
Great hearing more from you all on the IBMOC podcast, and I'll look forward to trying the water!