TINTAG – The First Rechargeable Item Tracker

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Tintag is a rechargeable tracking device for your lost items. It helps you find your keys, bags, pets, you name it, so that you never lose them again. The first item tracking device with ever lasting battery. How come? Other item tracking devices make you replace their batteries or buy new devices every time batteries run out. Tintag is rechargeable. Period. Charging your Tintag is wireless and effortless. 6 hours of charging, makes Tintag ready for 4 months of use. Activate the buzzer option with the Tintag app on your phone and locate anything within ~50 m (150 feet) reach by playing a distinctive sound. Activate the built-in LED option from your phone and locate things quietly with a flicker of lights. Check on your phone the history of locations where your item was last seen and you can easily remember where you’ve left it.

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