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Smart Valve Tire Pressure Caps

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Keep your car in its best condition when you have the Smart Valve Tire Pressure Caps. Coming in a set of four, these devices can save you from major problems. The Smart Valve Caps replace the current caps on your tires. On the top of each is a built-in valve so you can be sure of each one. The Smart Valve Caps have three colors to indicate tire pressure. Green means that the tire pressure is within normal limits and yellow means it’s down 5 lbs. The red indicates that the tire is down 10 lbs. or more. With the Smart Valve Caps, you get total peace of mind for your vehicle. You’ll no longer have to guess if your tires are safe; the valves automatically tell you. The universal fit means they work with all of your vehicles and the alloy and plastic design makes them hard-wearing.

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