ToastyMUG Ceramic Coffee/Tea Mug

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ToastyMUG is a ceramic coffee/tea mug designed by Sabrina Fossi. It is handmade to perfection by expert craftsmen in Montelupo, Italy. This is a small town near Florence, and has a famed Ceramic District where such fine products are made and sent to all corners of the world. The mug looks good enough with a shiny glazed finish in grey or green to be given pride of place in your tea set or chinaware display. It’s not just an artsy mug, because the unique design also lets you fulfill the urge to wrap your mittens around a piping hot mug of tea or coffee or chocolate on a cold morning. The design of the ToastyMUG retains the heat to keep the handle, the drink and your hands all nice and warm and toasty.


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