ZeNa Innovative Toilet Paper Holder Attachment

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Streamline the way you complete the world’s most tedious task with the ZeNa Innovative Toilet Paper Holder Attachment. This device lets you change the roll of toilet paper in a fraction of the time and with just one hand. The ZeNa comes in a set with two pieces. Each piece attaches to the sides of your existing toilet paper rack and it replaces the spring-loaded bar. Using the shape of the toilet paper roll, you simply push up to allow the ZeNa arms to fall into the toilet paper roll. Then, simply let go. The system holds your toilet paper in place perfectly and securely. The ZeNa Attachment is much faster and easier than any spring-loaded bar. Because you can do it with just one hand, it won’t seem like such a chore. You can even replace the toilet paper without taking your eyes off your smartphone.

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