Toka!Flash – Smart Wearable Belt With Flash Drive Storage

$120 USD
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Carrying your flash drive won’t be much of a difficulty if you use the Tokaflash. This is one of the coolest memory flash drives which can be easily worn on your belt. That way, your flash drive will always be within a hand’s reach without adding to your pocket bulk at all. The purpose is to make data transfer super easy on the go. So, even if you want to send some data from your iOS device to your PC, Tokaflash will make sure you get to do so in the easiest way possible. That includes wireless connectivity too! Once you’re done with your flash drive usage, you can simply bring the Tokaflash near the buckle frame of your belt and release your grip after that. The eight strong Neodymium magnets will pull it back, and your brand new flash drive will stay in place. A perfect approach for instant data transfers on the go.

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