Tortuga 1667 Pirate Game of Mutiny

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Dive into the world of Tortuga 1667, the Pirate Game of Mutiny, Plunder, and Deceit. You and your crewmates must work together to pilfer the goods off the Spanish Galleon. With each play you make, you get one step closer to the treasure. Unfortunately for your crew, you don’t plan on sharing the treasure once you get it. But unfortunately for you, your crew is plotting a mutiny against you. With the Tortuga 1667 Game, you must always stay a step ahead. You have your choice to be one of nine pirates. Each of these characters is based on a real pirate from the year 1667. Additionally, you draw a secret loyalty to either the French, the British, or the Dutch. Driven by plunder and deceit, you never know who you can trust and where loyalties lie. Finally, the entire game comes with a faux book to hold the board, pieces, and rulebook. The board is made of rubber and rolls up like an old treasure map. Can you handle Tortuga in 1667?

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