TouchPoints Basic – Stress Relieving Wearable

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Keep your stress at bay with the TouchPoints basic neuroscientific device, a stress relieving wearable. Thousands have already benefited from TouchPoints patent pending BLAST technology through the release of TouchPoints original in late 2016. This powerful wearable reduces stress by 71% in only 30 seconds. TouchPoints basic uses bi-lateral alternating stimulation tactile (BLAST) technology. This series of vibrations alters your body’s stress response (i.e the Flight, Flight, or Freeze response). As a result, TouchPoints basic allows your body to return to its homeostatic nervous system so you can relax and remain calm. Wearing TouchPoints basic can increase your focus as well as reduce your anxiety. With enhanced performance throughout your day, you can also use TouchPoints Basic to get a better night’s sleep. TouchPoints can be worn on wrists, clipped to pockets, or hidden in socks. All of this is attainable at an affordable price and stylish colors.

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