LaceUp Training Lace Wearable Weight

$25 USD
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Step up your game with the LaceUp Training Lace Wearable Weight. Training Lace is a versatile patent-pending training weight that you can use for any activity or sport. It can be worn for training or daily activities to strengthen muscles, increase performance, and build resistance. Additionally, the unique design makes Training Lace form-fitting, flexible and comfortable. Likewise, it offers maximum mobility to people of all skill levels, exercise habits, and ages. The foam sleeve encloses the weighted core, which absorbs vibrations on contact. Similarly, the bendable, durable coil uses no-slip technology, so it always stays in place. Also, the non-toxic material is safe on your skin and won’t cause any chaffing. To use Training Lace, just bend the Training Lace to fit your ankle, wrist or sports equipment. Finally, Training Lace is available in four different weights, as well as seven colors.

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