Trakkies – A Multifunctional Microcomputer For Your Things

$38 USD
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Make your things smart enough to tell you what you’re forgetting and much, much more. The first REAL Internet-of-Things node. In their busy lives people forget things all the time, and forgetting things is the number 1 cause of loss. Wouldn’t it be great if your things make sure you don’t forget them? Normal trackers just help you when you already have a problem. We make sure you don’t have a problem in the first place. Nodes are tiny microcomputers that make your objects smart. So smart, that they can warn you when you are about to leave something behind. You can connect anything, from keys, wallets, bags, laptops, whatever you want. trakkies come in 2 varieties. trakkies.micro is designed for extended range (up to 180m) and battery life. trakkies.tagg is designed to be small and affordable enough to fit anywhere, and put on anything.

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