ICEGOLD Transparent Minimalist Drinking Glass

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Enhance each drinking experience by visually highlighting the content of your glass with the ICEGOLD Transparent Minimalist Drinking Glass. Featuring a highly transparent minimalist glass design, ICEGOLD focuses attention on the beverage by moving the container into the background. By using the golden ratio for minimal design, ICEGOLD reduces the glass to a minimum. The thick transparent walls make it heavy and durable. Likewise, the edges are rounded and thicker, making it comfortable for your lips. Furthermore, the complimentary ICEGOLD330-T version is suitable for both cold and hot beverages. This version uses the same design pattern with an addition of thermal insulation. Similarly, you can safely use the glass with hot liquid in it. The ICEGOLD330-T also preserves the temperature of cold drink and avoids condensation. Finally, both designs are incredibly durable, allowing you to use them right away without warming them up or cooling them down.

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