Travelmate Robot Suitcase

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Take the headache out of travel by using the Travelmate Robot Suitcase. Incredibly, this suitcase is able to move on its own. Additionally, it can even follow you throughout the airport and on your travels. With this total upgrade, your days of lugging around your case are over. The Travelmate Suitcase is also great for work or even school. The suitcase connects to your smartphone to stay in tune. It can drive both horizontally and vertically for your convenience. When horizontal, you can add more suitcases or even people on top. Travelmate can even detect objects and movements to navigate with ease. In a crowd, it will avoid other people. On a moving sidewalk, it will stop when you do until it’s time to get off. Finally, you can even control it with gestures to access its pinpoint precision.

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