Slap Cap Trick Shot Bottle Opener

$9 USD
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The fun is only just beginning when you open your drink with the Slap Cap Trick Shot Bottle Opener. This nifty bottle opener goes above and beyond to bring you never-ending entertainment. The Slap Cap has a recess to create the perfect cap-launching shape. After you remove your cap, set it on the end of the Slap Cap. Then, use your fist to launch the cap into the air and at any target. Although it sounds easy, the Slap Cap offers the perfect challenge making it great for any party. Anything from your party cup to your shoe can become a target. It’s the ultimate game for you and your friends. The rust-proof bottle opener is made of highly durable stainless steel. Plus, it comes in your choice of brushed silver or black. And, you can even add your own custom logo to make your Slap Cap your very own.

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