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Trido Magnetic Construction Toys

$36.36 USD
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Introducing the Trido Magnetic Construction Toys which have strong magnets inside. Easy to use, each side of all of the Trido shapes fit perfectly together. Moreover, the magnets inside ensure that the edges attract to each other to sit flush. The result is a geometrically exact design every time. The Trido shapes include an octahedron, tetrahedron, and a half-tetrahedron. In addition to the infinite combinations of pieces, all of your Trido creations are super sturdy. The honeycomb-like design of Trido makes it unlike any other toy you have seen. Great for kids as well as adults, Trido taps into your creativity while also working as a brain exercise. And, because the shapes are all magnetic, you can create and recreate as often as you please. Finally, the Trido toys are also great as fidget devices. The way the magnets snap together make it perfect for occupying your idle hands.

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