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A new spin on an old familiar toy! Simple, Fun & Easy, World-Class product! Paper FootBall, Tabletop Game! The heart of the Troggball is the interior geometric shape. It has been beautifully made out of ABS plastic. The Troggball also comes with three Spring Action Locks which are glued on each corner and the exterior portion of the Troggball is provided with a Spring Action Wrap which grasp onto each spring action lock. Your kids would love to enjoy playing with it in a variety of ways such as smashing a can of paper cups or anything their creative minds can come up with. Troggball is fast, durable and totally customizable. All in all, it’s indeed the ultimate game of imagination for your little ones. If you are one of those who has a thing for paper football, Troggball is surely going to impress you with its features.

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