Turtleneck – Tangle Free Headphone System

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End your futile battling with your tangled headphone cord with Turtleneck, the tangle free headphone solution. Integrating with most types of straight mini jack headphones, the Turtleneck was modeled after Apple’s forever tangling earbuds. To use, you simply plug the jack into a slender tool, push it through the Turtleneck, and disconnect your jack once they’re through. To separate each ear piece, you can pull on a convenient tab located on Turtleneck to expose the individual cords. The fabric is self-contained and bunches into itself with ease. The best part is that you don’t need to neatly store your Turtleneck headphones. As if by magic, Turtleneck doesn’t allow them to tangle and unfolds itself once pulled from your pocket or bag. With a selection of color options, you can use Turtleneck every day of the week.

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