Two birds, One Smart Stone.

$30 USD
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The Stone is a small tracker that tags your stuff so you can find it later. But the Stone is more than just an item tracker! It is also a button that lets you create your own shortcuts for things you’d do on your phone like make a call, start your music or open your GPS app: all without needing the app running. Stone also has a motion sensor and range finder, so you know your items are safe, just where you left them. Uses of the Stone include tracking items like your keys, finding your misplaced phone, and sending an SOS message when your phone isn’t an option. Other more fun options would be turning your smart lights off from bed or using it as a hands free camera shutter for those group pics. Using our IFTTT channel, anything possible. The Stone provides security and convenience that relieves stress before it happens by helping to organize and simplify your life. Free yourself from the screen and attend to the present.

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